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Ready to take your career to the next level?

Ready to take your career to the next level? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

All of us have unique skills and job abilities that we can bring to any employer. The problem that is prevalent on so many resumes today is that they are generic, outdated or copied from formats found online through a Google search. Employers are bored with this approach. Additionally, with so many employers utilizing applicant tracking systems (ATS), it is important for job seekers to get past this technology. Otherwise, chances are your resume will never get seen by a recruiter or hiring manager.   

At Bonnie Career Services, Inc. you will receive the guidance and knowledge to bypass applicant tracking systems, get that interview and land that dream job. Our firm brings extensive experience in the areas of resume writing, LinkedIn profile development and optimization, interview coaching, career development, and we work with organizations to bring the best professional development workshops to their employees.

During our initial call we will discuss your past and current work experience and identify your unique skills and job abilities. A career development plan will be created for you and you will receive one-on-one coaching services to guide you through each step necessary to reach your utmost career goals!

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Serving entry-level, mid-career, senior-level and C-suite executive clients in the following industries:
📌 Accounting | Banking | Financial Services
📌 Automotive and Fleet Management
📌 Biotech | Pharmaceuticals | Medical & Health
📌 Commercial Real Estate | Property Management
📌 Architecture | Engineering | Construction (AEC)
📌 Entertainment and Media
📌 Fashion and Merchandising
📌 Hospitality and Event Planning 
📌 Human Resources | Talent Acquisition
📌 Information Systems | IT Infrastructure & Transformation (Agile, ITIL, PMP, Lean Six Sigma, Waterfall)
📌 Manufacturing|Supply Chain|Logistics| eCommerce
📌 Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising 
📌 Sales and Sales Management

We also assist clients in the following scenarios: 
✔️ Career Transition and Return to Work 
✔️ Military to Civilian Transitions 
✔️ Relocation | New Markets
✔️ Recent Graduate | Internships